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Marie Malins

These days, a marketing campaign without video content is like a bicycle without a seat. You’re likely to be uncomfortable with the results. Video is a powerful tool. A good one will grab and hold the attention of visitors to your site. Increase engagement. Help content get ranked. Smart marketers understand that high-quality video content

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Sean Butcher

2015 was one of the most significant years yet in the SEO world, and ended up being the much forecasted “year of mobile” that many experts had been predicting. In April we saw the release of Google’s Mobile-Friendly algorithm. This aimed to provide a boost in mobile search results to websites offering a good user

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Building brand advocates through social media Social media has brought new opportunities and fresh challenges for companies looking to further connect with their audience. While word-of-mouth brand advocacy has always been important, its scope was previously limited to the people you connected with and interacted with on a regular basis. Social media has removed that

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