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Mary Earp

The UK has experienced a double-digit increase in employee flu-related absenteeism within recent years. The average number of days lost to sickness absence has been fluctuating at around 5 days per employee, a rate of 2.2%, for the past 6 years! And more shockingly, over 10,000 deaths are attributable to flu infections each year! So what can

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Paul Tapping

You may remember in our ‘Torpedo is Ten’ blog post we stated one of our designers could do the Rubik’s cube in 59 seconds. We thought we’d put him to the test, we’re not the type to let this kind of thing go unnoticed you see. We said “Pete, you can’t go making foolhardy boasts without proving it to the team”.

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Joe Moore

Searching for the right creative agency can feel like a round of internet dating – you never quite know what’s under the surface until you’re sitting opposite on the first date, wondering if you have anything in common! In the same way, navigating your way through the maze of agency bravado can be tough.

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