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10 key questions to ask when creating your buyer personas

Having a clear understanding of who your customers are is vital for successful lead generation. The more you know about your customers, the easier it is to create compelling content that resonates with them – increasing customer retention and generating new business leads. A great way to get to know your customers is to create buyer personas. In this post, we explore the key questions to ask when developing effective customer profiles.

What is a buyer persona?
A buyer persona is a fictional representation of a typical customer. It is created by combining existing customer data, insights from sales and marketing teams, interviews with customers – and in some instances educated assumptions about aspects of their lives, such as their personal circumstances and level of education.

Key questions to ask

1. What does their working day involve?
In order to communicate with your buyer personas, you need to know the nature of their working day. Do they spend the majority of their time in meetings? Does their role involve travelling? The more you know, the better placed you are to communicate with them at appropriate touch points throughout their day.

2. Which publications, blogs or websites do they use for information?
If you can gain insights into where your customers search for information and what forms of media they use – blogs, social media and traditional publications – this will really help you to strategically place great content and attract your ideal customer.

3. What’s their job title?
A job title is a key indicator of a person’s experience, expertise, seniority and their level of authority in the decision making process.

4. What’s their demographic?
Some educated assumptions may be required on a persona’s age, education and personal circumstances, but these help to make the persona real and someone you can relate to.

5. Which industry do they work in?
If you know the persona’s industry, you can better understand the specific challenges they face in the sector and tailor your content accordingly.

6. What are their pain points?
Is organisational change a problem for your buyer persona? Does the measurement of ROI prove a constant headache? Companies thrive on providing products and services that satisfy a need, so knowing what they are will give your company a competitive advantage.

7. What objections do they have to the product or service?
Ask your customers if they had any objections that delayed their purchase – this will help you refine your content and improve your communication.

8. How do they prefer to interact with companies?
Some personas prefer face-to-face contact, while others favour interaction via email. Whatever their preferences, this is key information to base future communications on.

9. What motivates them?
Is your persona ambitious? Understanding what motivates your buyer persona will help you align your product or service with their ambitions.

10. How do they research vendors?
How does a prospect find out about your product or service? Do they have an internal supplier list or do they rely on word of mouth recommendations?

Buyer personas should evolve as your company grows, with existing personas being refined and new ones created, ensuring your content stays relevant and your website keeps generating leads. For more information on buyer personas and lead generation, contact Torpedo.

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