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5 ways to get more mileage from your infographic content

Unlike traditional content, infographics provide a highly visual and creative way to share knowledge, summarise trends and display data.

People really do love infographics. These seemingly trendy pieces of visual content are attention grabbing, informative, and appealing – and are an ideal way to present complex information quickly and easily. More importantly, infographics highlight your knowledge and expertise of a subject to potential clients to help you stand out amongst the competition and attract more customers. If you’ve gone to a lot effort creating a visually appealing infographic, you’ll want to make sure you get the best results and maximum return on investment from your content.

In this post, we’re going to look at five ways you can repurpose your infographic into different formats, and distribute it to reach a wider audience in order to gain greater exposure and engagement.

1) Blogs

Give your infographic a home on your own website by publishing it on your blog. You could also reach out to relevant third party websites with a great story around your infographic to help attract the right kind of visitor to your website.

In addition, there are many free, and paid for, infographic submission sites that can provide link-building benefits, and increase the likelihood of your infographic getting picked up by a wider audience.

2) Turn it into a SlideShare

An infographic can be cut and cropped into smaller parts to create slides for a PowerPoint presentation that you can then publish on SlideShare. This popular content channel will help to gain exposure in search results, and increase the chances of your content being read and shared by a wider audience.

3) Create an awesome video

The graphics that you worked so hard to create can be turned into an animation to communicate the same message in a more interactive and engaging format. You can distribute your video on sites like YouTube and Vimeo to create more visibility, engagement and social activity.

4) Make it newsworthy

There seems to be nothing the media love more than figures and surveys that convey complex messages in a simple way . Take a strong statistic from the infographic or a compelling fact to use as a headline, and then create a news release around it. You’ll need to create an interesting angle, in order to draw attention from journalists, and increase its likelihood of being published.

5) DM piece

Although infographics lend themselves primarily to digital use, don’t disregard them as great direct mail collateral too. When executed in the right way, direct mail still strikes a chord with your target audience, and a printed infographic can help reach your audience at yet another touch point.

Repurposing content means that your content gets a new lease of life and reaches out to a fresh new audience. So if you’ve created a great infographic, repurpose it for different formats across the web and distribute it to multiple channels to help you get more mileage and a higher return on investment.

If you need a great infographic creating, or you just need advice about how to repurpose an existing one, contact the creative team at Torpedo.


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