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7 excellent web browser apps for busy marketeers

Web browsers, particularly Chrome and Firefox, are becoming much more than a means of just accessing the Internet. The Chrome WebStore and Firefox Add-on library offer users a vast array of apps that enhance the user’s experience of the web. For marketeers, there are a growing number of apps that streamline our working lives, from posting on social media platforms to statistics on web video performance. In this post, I pick out seven great free browser apps for busy marketing professionals.

1. Pocket

Marketing is constantly evolving, and keeping abreast of the latest trends and technologies is essential. Pocket is a great app that helps you store the articles and videos you really want to view; so when you do have time you can come back to your pocket tab to read, share and organise your articles.

2. Awesome screenshot

If you’re in the process of reviewing a website or email design, taking a screenshot and sending it over to your marketing agency is a much more quick and effective means of communicating. Awesome screenshot lets you do this, in just one click on your browser. It also allows you to annotate the screenshot, so you can let your agency or internal creative team know just how much you love their work!

3. MozBar

Install the MozBar to give you an overview of the top level SEO data on your own website, and your competitors. The free version provides excellent data on the website’s domain authority and the social interaction on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. It also shows what the on page elements – such a page titles, meta description and the H tags – are for a particular page.

4. Buffer

Buffer allows you to share web content on social media instantly. Just one click on your browser will trigger a pop-up with suggested post copy and the link to the story, which you can then post immediately or schedule for a later date. The free version enables you to post to Twitter and Facebook, with the option to pay for an upgrade to view data your social media’s performance and post to a broader range of social media platforms.


Bitly is a great tool for shortening URLs, and one that most marketeers are familiar with. They have a great browser app that enables you to create an instant shortened URL, or customise the short link to make it more personal to your company’s brand. The links will be saved and data will be stored on the number of clicks the shortened URL receives.

6. VidIQ Vision

With video becoming the main means of communicating with customers on the web, assessing the effectiveness of your company’s video output is key. VidIQ links into YouTube and gives you vast array of data on the average viewing time, the total minutes watched, the social shares and comments – the list goes on. Due to its integration with Youtube, this extension is only available on Chrome.

7. Momentum

Add a little sparkle to your Chrome browser with Momentum. This clever little app replaces the standard browser page with beautiful scenery from around the world and greets you personally! There is a business purpose too, as it asks what your focus is for the day, and will remind you of this every time you open a new browser tab to keep you on track.


There’s fierce competition amongst Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer to become the preferred browser. This has fuelled an explosion in the number and variety of browser apps available, with Firefox and Chrome taking the view that browser apps increase the user’s experience and this is a big factor in determining which browser we choose to download. The seven browser apps highlighted here are certainly not an exhaustive list, with many more useful and innovative browser apps out there for you to discover.

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