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7 tips to improve your customer journey

Understanding the path your customers take on their way to purchasing your products or services is fascinating. The journey can involve a number of touch points and multi-channel communications, depending on the nature of your product or service and the characteristics of your customer. Making your customer journey as clear and efficient as possible is key to shortening the sales cycle and turning more prospects into customers. This article offers seven tips to improve your customer journey.

1. Talk to the right people
If you’ve recently created buyer personas, make sure your lead generation is aligned with your new customer insights. Your current marketing activity may be generating leads that will never convert, but by re-focusing your lead generation with your buyer personas, you will be targeting companies who have a higher propensity to purchase.

2. If it’s working, do more
Which channels work best for you in terms of driving traffic to your website or business? If sponsored tweets are generating business, look at ways to increase this activity at the expense of poorly performing initiatives.

3. Define the journey
If a key stage in your customer journey is offering a free trial, make sure this is clearly signposted on your website. The most important content on your website should have dedicated landing pages as this will improve your SEO and enhance the user journey.

4. Call them to action
Offer users clear signals on their journey around your website to encourage engagement and turn their intent into action. For instance, if a customer has signed up to download content on your website, make sure they know who to contact to take their interest to the next stage.

5. Talk their language
Use the right tone of voice and vocabulary to engage your audience. The information you have about your customers will give you a good steer as to how you communicate with them and by what means.

6. Next steps
Make sure you know what the next step is in the customer journey. If you have just pitched to a prospect, what’s the next step in your communications plan? By following up in a timely manner, it proves you’re reliable and responsive.

7. Horses for courses
Once you know the stages your customers pass through, you can tailor your content and how you communicate with them, ensuring that you offer more detailed information as the prospect travels through the sales funnel. Equally important is to ensure that companies who know what they want, get salient information quickly and can make a purchase immediately.

Incorporating some, or all, of these tips into your customer journey will improve the sales process for your prospects, shorten the sales cycle, and help you to focus your offering on the companies who really need your product or service. Find out how Torpedo can help you map out and enhance your customer journey.

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