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A day in the life of a Web Developer…

Meet Katie (aka Nelly), our lovely web developer who LOVES Girls Aloud, Manchester United and all things web.  We catch up with her to find out what the role of Web Developer at Torpedo really involves, and to dispel some of the myths of the ‘web geek’!

Can you describe a typical day in the office?

My day usually starts about 8:40am. The first thing I do is grab some breakfast and then spend some time looking at my tasks for the day.

On Monday mornings we always have an informal digital team catch up meeting to find out what projects are coming up and get a brief overview of where each of us are with various projects.  Then I’ll get straight down to coding. There is usually a lot of projects on the go at the same time, so I have to prioritise my work according to client deadlines.

I’m working on some content and functionality changes to an existing site at the moment, once these are done, and have been compatibility tested across browsers, I’ll deploy it to our test environment where it can be reviewed by the project Account team before being sent to the client.

In between coding, I’m either tasked with bug fixes or I’m in meetings to discuss projects that I’m involved with. These might be project briefing meetings or a conference call with the client to discuss the design, functionality and overall user-experience that are being proposed. I create prototypes of any design or functionality ideas when we want to try something a bit different. Caffeine, Diet Coke in my case, is always required in order to code, and there’s a constant supply of biscuits, chocolate or cake if it’s someone’s birthday to keep us all going!

My day usually ends about 6pm, but there are inevitably days when I have to work late to meet project deadlines.  That’s just part of agency life.  Then it’s time for a well-earned pizza and to put my feet up ready to start afresh the following day.

What are your favourite tools to help you get the job done?

We use various development frameworks at Torpedo such as CodeIgniter, Foundation and Modx, and keep everything version controlled with SVN. We have a Torpedo Wiki, which is a great way of sharing code snippets, standards and any project specific documentation.  A clear favourite for me though are my headphones so I can “zone in” and concentrate on the code.

Is there a particularly piece of work that you’re proud of?

I was the lead developer on Autodesk PLM 360. I developed a ‘Discovery Tool’ – a bespoke data capture system that engaged with customers and generated new leads in an easy and very intuitive way.  The whole site is responsive, including the drag and drop feature of the discovery tool which works beautifully on an iPad and was quite a challenge to implement.  The client is particularly pleased with it, which is always a good sign of a job well done!

What’s the best thing about working for Torpedo?

Without a doubt it’s the people. It’s like a big family here and everyone genuinely cares for one another. We’re a pretty social bunch too and there are plenty of spontaneous and organised events throughout the year!

The office always has a great buzz and everyone is relaxed here, the rural setting is conducive to creativity, fun and lots of hard work – all at the same time, which sounds bizarre, but it works!

Interested in working with our fab team of Developers? We have two vacancies for a Web Developer and a Front End Developer. Check out our jobs page to find out more.

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