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An intro to agency life…

We invited Maya, a keen graphic design secondary school student from Marlborough School in Woodstock to spend two days with our digital, client services and creative teams, getting to know how we work and what makes us tick. I caught up with her at the end of her visit to find out what she thought of her time here at Torpedo.

What made you want to do work experience with Torpedo?

As part of my course, I had to spend 5 days work experience at a company of my choice. I knew Iain Lewis who is the director at Torpedo and he kindly invited me to spend a couple of days learning about graphic design as I have a keen interest in this.

Tell me about what work you were involved in at Torpedo.

I spent time with different people in the business shadowing them and learning new skills. At school as part of my graphics project I was asked to create a CD cover for an ‘upcoming band’ in my school named ‘The Wolves’. I used the opportunity here at Torpedo to use the resources to help me with this project by using the drawing pads. I hadn’t used one of these before but they really helped me to be precise and accurate when drawing using Photoshop (image above courtesy of Maya).

What was the biggest thing you learnt during your work experience?

During my work experience at Torpedo I discovered that that there is a lot of work involved in graphic design. It’s very time consuming to create a single image and to communicate a clear message. What I learnt most is that the people at Torpedo seem to have a passion for their jobs, this seems to make the jobs seem easier. I also learnt a lot about the world of digital marketing that I wasn’t aware of before.

What did you enjoy most about the experience?

I enjoyed the positive and vibrant attitude in the office; it was quite relaxed with music chosen by the team – there were often debates over which music to play! Everyone was very friendly and inviting by helping me when I needed it.

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