Building brand advocates through social media

Social media has brought new opportunities and fresh challenges for companies looking to further connect with their audience. While word-of-mouth brand advocacy has always been important, its scope was previously limited to the people you connected with and interacted with on a regular basis. Social media has removed that limitation and given new power to consumers.

Today’s savvy customers are greatly influenced by what they read and see online, as well as what their friends and professional network are commenting on and sharing. People are sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly with everyone they’re connected with online. It is therefore critical for brands to be part of this conversation in order to control the sentiment of what is being shared.

Earned media is becoming the most powerful, and trusted, source of media because it refers to content that is created by others about a brand and strongly influences the consumer buying process.

Torpedo has created an eBook which provides practical tips for B2B marketers to attract the positive attention of prospects and customers, and convert them into brand advocates. In turn, they will promote the brand to new audiences and ultimately attract more customers.

To discover more about how to achieve great results with your social media, download our ebook: Building brand advocates through social media.

Building brand advocates through social media

Practical tips for B2B marketers

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