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Content Marketing Ideas for your Brand

Content Marketing seems to be the new buzzword in the online marketing world. But it’s certainly nothing new. In fact those who were practicing ethical SEO practices with the help of seo services prior to Google’s Panda Algorithm Update will appreciate sustaining their search engine rankings because their website had good quality content.

What I mean by good content is that which is compelling, unique and resourceful to your users. Good content is the powerhouse behind every website’s marketing success. It gives you the ability to reach new markets, influence purchasing decisions and build brand loyalty.

So how exactly can good content help grow your business?

Let me first put right a few myths. When people think of content, they think about reams and reams of text on a site that no one bothers to read. But Content Marketing comes in a variety of guises like blogs, online videos, white papers, case studies and even apps or podcasts. In fact, I predict that this year we will see companies experimenting with different forms of content to see which type best engages their users and customers.

Here are 6 Content Marketing Ideas to help get you started:

1) Write about what’s current
What topics within your industry are frequently being blogged about? Check Twitter using the # to search for keywords relevant to your industry and see what content is being shared. You’ll soon establish some great content marketing ideas that suit your brand.

2) Guest Blog
Guest blogging is a powerful way to get your brand noticed by others who share an interest in your industry. Be mindful not to duplicate the content that’s on your site. Be creative, unique and always include a call-to-action at the end of the blog that direct people to your site.

3) Share it
Good content is there to be shared, retweeted, and liked by your followers and prospects.

4) Be Creative
Find out what content is being clicked on the most within your site, and look at re-purposing it across other channels. Let’s say you have a white paper that helps users solve a particular problem; consider creating an online video that visually shows them. Stick it on You Tube and wait for traffic!

5) Don’t Forget Evergreen Content
Evergreen Content is the type of content on your website that requires little or no updating. Evergreen content is the backbone of your website and should read just as fresh and current as it did when you wrote it years ago.

6) Blog
If your site doesn’t have a blog, you should certainly consider having one. Blogs are great for being able to rank on some of your longer tail keywords that people search for to find something specific. Update it weekly (or more if you have time) and make sure the blog titles are those that are likely to get searched for.

Is Content Marketing at the heart of your marketing strategy? If you simply don’t have the time, we know plenty of people at Torpedo who can help.

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