Laura Barnett

Developing the perfect creative workspace

The right creative workspace can be inspiring, motivating and help us work more effectively. It can make all the difference in how we feel about going to work. It’s a tricky balance, so how do you put this into practice? How do you ensure the workplace is both fun and enjoyable, yet conducive to hard work?

At Torpedo, we’re lucky to have developed a relaxed & modern working environment in the heart of the Oxfordshire countryside.

From the moment you arrive, there’s a sense of space. A rural space to think. We look out over horses’ stables and we can go for a country walk at lunchtime – a far cry from the smog and noise of the city.

Inside, our teams sit together in an open-plan, collaborative workspace. We regularly move desks to spark new ideas and conversations. Our account teams all have a good knowledge of the design process, so we’re not averse to seating account teams with designers or web developers. It keeps the ideas flowing and enhances everyone’s understanding of working together to best effect to streamline our processes. And our ‘senior people’ sit with us too – because that makes it more fun, no stuffy hierarchy here.

Weekly team meetings are another way we keep up to speed with others’ projects. We showcase new work and examples of best practice for clients, brainstorm new ideas and get everyone talking. This keeps everyone involved and active in the discussions, as does the responsibility to present their work!

When we’re not working, we can get behind the wheel of our office driving simulator, have a quick game of table football, have a rally on the tennis courts or sit by the pool and enjoy a lunchtime coffee. The only thing we are missing is a slide from the first floor to our reception area, but we’re working on that…

That’s an intro to our creative working environment. Check out our Pinterest board on Creative Workspaces for more inspiration.


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