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Google Adwords – Changes you need to be aware of

Google has recently announced the release of a brand new update within Adwords called Enhanced Campaigns. The upgrade has been launched in an attempt to accommodate the ever-increasing shift towards internet mobile usage. It allows advertisers to streamline and better target their customers according to location, time of day and the device they are using.

For example, businesses may now pay more for a particular campaign if they want to reach customers who are searching on a mobile device, or within say, 5 miles of their store, and alter a bid according to specific opening hours of their business.

Advertisers have the option to upgrade to the Enhanced Campaign now, or wait till Google automatically upgrades all Accounts by June/July 2013.

Here’s a summary of the changes within Enhanced Campaigns:

Alignment of Desktop & Mobile Searches
All Google Adwords campaigns will now automatically run across all devices (tablets, smartphones and desktops), with the ability to adjust mobile bids at campaign level. Advertisers no longer need to create separate campaigns for devices, but they will need to adjust their campaign bids according to device variables, day, time of day and location.

Top Tip:
Make sure you make the necessary mobile bid adjustments to your individual campaigns; otherwise Google Adwords will automatically show your ads on both desktop and mobile devices.

Sitelinks now available at Ad Group Level
In the past, Sitelinks – which are the links that show below your advert – could only be set up at campaign level. But now they can be setup at Ad Group Level. This enables advertisers to display more relevant links relating to a particular Ad Group. In addition, ad extensions can be scheduled to show only during specified days of the week and times of day.

Advanced Reporting
With Enhanced Campaigns, Google now provides complementary reporting metrics with free Google forwarding numbers and improved conversion metrics for digital download campaigns that will help Advertisers better evaluate the performance of their campaign. You can also receive reporting data on how many clicks or impressions an individual sitelink received.

We recommend you begin planning the changes to your campaign structures now so you can familiarise yourself with the new bidding process. It also gives you time to assess how many of your customers use a mobile device to search for your products or services – so you can adjust your bidding processes accordingly.

If you need help with making changes or managing your Google Adwords, get in touch with us.

Further Reading
Before you upgrade your account, we highly recommend you read the Google Adwords comprehensive guide – Upgrading to Enhanced Campaigns


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