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Helpful resources for B2B marketing professionals

B2B marketing resources

Having all the available marketing information at your fingertips is essential to help you plan, manage and execute successful B2B marketing campaigns. We’ve put together our top five go-to B2B marketing resources, covering a wide range of topics, to keep you up to speed with the latest topics and trends in B2B marketing.

HubSpot is an inbound marketing software platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. This Boston-based company is full of bright and creative people who live and breathe inbound marketing. Their blog is one of the most highly informative and practical that I’ve come across, and their content is sure to inspire any marketer who wants to learn more about the principles of inbound marketing and leverage content in order to attract more leads.

They offer high quality eBooks and guides that contain helpful stats and practical tips to help support internal buy in and get your B2B lead generation campaign off to a great start.

Why we love it: What is there not to love?! As well as the inspiring content they produce, we also love their Blog Topic Generator. You’ll never be short of content inspiration with this amazing tool.

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Great for: inbound marketing best practices, B2B lead generation, content marketing

B2B Marketing
B2B Marketing is any marketing professional’s must have bookmark site. It offers a knowledge bank on just about every B2B marketing topic you can think of, as well as research reports and case studies to inspire thinking. In fact, there’s so much relevant content for B2B marketers, we recommend signing up to their weekly digest to ensure you don’t miss a trick.

Why we love it: Their Knowledge Bank contains all the information you need in one central place.
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Great for: B2B campaign planning, B2B marketing news and finding suitable suppliers and agencies

Convince and Convert
Founded by the digital marketing pioneer, Jay Baer, Convince and Convert is definitely top of my list for Content Marketing tips and inspiration. Convince and Convert is ranked among the world’s top marketing resources, and was named #3 social media blog in the world by Social Media Examiner.

Why we love it: Content comes in easily digestible formats including videos, podcasts, eBooks and short bite-sized chunks of content that make for a great user experience.
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Great for: content marketing tips, social media marketing

Moz – Whiteboard Friday
If you want to stay ahead of the latest search engine trends and SEO techniques to use, but don’t want to read through masses of content to become an expert – Moz’s Whiteboard Friday is definitely the best place to start. Every Friday, they get up in front of the camera to talk about SEO-related topics and illustrate them on a whiteboard.

SEO wizard, Rand Fishkin also has his own blog – which is definitely worth a read and the Moz blog is open to guest contributors too, which provides a good balance and inspiration from other industry SEO experts.

Why we love it: Whiteboard Friday is very watchable and informative – helping you to keep up to speed with the fast-pace of the SEO industry.

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Great for: SEO, link building

Social Media Today

As social media is a vital part of the marketing mix, it’s important to keep up with the latest social media news. Social Media Today provides insight into the world of social media and lively debate about the tools and platforms that companies are using to revolutionise the way we consume information.

Why we love it: The social media ‘book club’ of recommended best reads will help improve your understanding of the world of social. It also offers practical advice on how to engage with your audience across all the different social networks.

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Great for: social media marketing, social media tools, community management


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