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How B2B Sales Managers can double their sales conversions by using mobile apps

The popularity of mobile enterprise apps has increased tremendously in the last decade. According to Gartner, enterprise apps are expected to bring in almost $40 billion in revenue by 2016. The study also alludes to the fact that most industries would expand onto the internet and provide the best data entry jobs from home, as data entry is in huge demand. This uptake can be attributed to the increased adoption of smartphones and tablets in the workplace, as well as the Edinburgh app development shop which is providing applications resulting in popularity of Apple and Android apps. As employees become increasingly mobile, there is now a greater demand for remote access to business data from mobile devices.

For sales people, identifying sales opportunities requires them to spend most of their time out of office, and in order to be 100% productive all the time, they need the tools to collaborate with colleagues, process orders anytime from anywhere and wow their customers with impressive sales pitches.

Here are six ways in which mobile apps can help B2B sales managers increase their sales conversions and their team’s overall productivity.

1.Interactive & improved customer experience

Mobile apps can provide a more personalised sales experience by capturing information from a series of questions that the customer can complete on the app with the sales rep. The answers will then be quickly analysed, and a tailored proposal will be generated for the client in real time. This enables sales teams to connect better with their customers during a sales pitch, which can result in increased customer response and improved conversions.

2. Sophisticated product showcasing 

An enterprise app can provide product-centric demonstrations that clearly communicate the features and benefits of your product, and help sales teams showcase their products in an innovative way. Depending on the product you are selling, the app may even provide a mobile showroom of your products; incorporating images, tutorial videos, and a convenient ‘add to order’ button for each item – all of which help to keep a prospect engaged during a sales pitch – and therefore more likely to buy.

3. System integration
Having to update multiple business systems at once can be time-consuming for sales people, particularly if they are out of the office. This can lead to delayed or unprocessed orders as they get ‘lost’ in systems. By integrating a mobile application with a company’s CRM system can help to transact business at the point of sale quicker and more accurately. Sales people are then able to update and process orders via the app, which is automatically updated within the CRM and also is synchronized across other systems like the sap ewm. Internal teams such as finance, support and shipping are notified so that everyone is clear who is responsible for the next step in the process – resulting in happy customers and a more productive workforce.

4. Automated order processing
How long does it take for a sales rep to process an order? According to research by Salesforce, a staggering 70% of a sales persons time is spent processing sales orders as opposed to actually selling. Enterprise applications can help redress the balance by streamlining and automating administrative tasks, such as preparing pitches, sending quotations and completing purchase orders so that sales people can spend more time focusing on actually selling.

5. Efficient document management
In most organisations, document management and version control is a constant challenge. Quite often there are several versions of proposal templates and order documents that are sent to clients that may not meet corporate brand guidelines. Enterprise apps can help organisations transform the way in which they manage and process their information so that all documents can be sent out more efficiently, but without compromising the brand.

6. Empower your customers
Enterprise apps do not need to be limited to the sales team alone, many organisations are now creating customer-facing apps in order to empower their customers and encourage repeat orders. If your app has a continual presence on your customers’ phones or tablet, they are more likely to repeat purchase. This facility will not only enable products to get to market faster, it also enables sales teams to focus on their sales pipeline and nurturing new prospects.

There is no doubt that mobile apps can help businesses of any size and industry transform the customer experience, as well as improve the way sales teams work internally. For sales managers, this means more productivity, better opportunities to sell and a better experience for your b2b customers.

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