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How to leverage existing content for effective B2B lead generation

Developing interesting, informative and original content is key to raising awareness of your company and beginning the sales process with the help of a b2b lead generator. According to LinkedIn, 69% of businesses lack the time to generate engaging content, so it’s really important to make the most out of the content you do develop. In this post I’ll show how great content can be repurposed, shared and reused to ensure that it works as hard as possible for you, and generates valuable leads for your business.

Evergreen content

Evergreen content is timeless. Once the time and effort has been dedicated to creating the collateral, it requires minimal time to update – yet it can prove to be a consistently popular landing page for your website. Most companies have this type of content in the form of ‘how to’ guides or tutorials, but not everyone makes the most of them. Evergreen content provides a stream of regular traffic to your website, and helps to build your authority over time – so make sure it remains a central piece of your communications plan.


Great content can be repurposed in different formats. A blog post that was limited by a word count can be expanded into a white paper, or even further into an eBook. This enables you to get more value from the subject covered, and by offering more detail through the white paper and eBook keeps prospects interested as they travel through the sales cycle.

Tweet, tweet, tweet

Social media is great for broadcasting your content to your audience but don’t just post it once. Your followers are busy people, faced with a daily barrage of tweets, and posts and they can easily miss a solitary update about your new eBook. Counter this by tweeting or posting regular excerpts from the eBook, increasing the chances of your audience downloading the content.

User generated content

One benefit of engaging regularly with your customers is that their interactions can form the basis of your content. The FAQs section of your website is a good example; this content is usually compiled based on what a company thinks their customers need to know. This can be improved by reviewing the questions asked by customers as they interact with you, and use this as the basis of your new online FAQs.

Be visual

A recent survey by HubSpot revealed that Facebook photo posts generate 53% more likes and 104% more comments compared with text only posts. With this in mind, take a section of an infographic, preferably one with a really insightful statistic, and post it on social media with a link back to the infographic.

Third party websites

There are an increasing number of third party websites where you can upload content to share with a wider audience. An example of this is SlideShare, which is a hub for people and businesses to share presentations, infographics, white papers and more. It receives over 60 million unique visitors a month and five times more business traffic than Linkedin and Twitter, making it a great platform to get more exposure for your content.

There are many more ways to repurpose your content and make sure it works hard for you. Download our B2B Content Marketing Ideas Guide for more inspiration, or contact Torpedo to discuss how to get the most out of your content marketing.

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