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Infographics – What makes an infographic so effective?

It’s been interesting to see the growing use of infographics over the past year. They date back to the cave men times, and more recently their popularity has since exploded across social media websites. In fact, there’s hardly an article I read these days without seeing an infographic with striking visuals and useful facts.

But what exactly is an infographic, and what makes this creative medium so popular?

What is an infographic?

An “info” graphic is, as the name suggests, is a visual representation of information or data. A well-designed infographic communicates information and content in a way that makes it easier for your audience to digest and understand. They are easily shared, go viral quickly, and enhance the visual appeal of any website.

The growth of infographics as a medium comes as no surprise. As the emphasis on content marketing continues unabated for both online audiences and search engines alike, it’s no wonder that businesses are striving to find more creative and innovative ways to use content and communicate their message.

What makes an infographic so effective?

Infographics are most effective when:

  • You have a lot of data to display that would otherwise be unwieldy to communicate in text format, an infographic is an effective solution
  • It tells a story, is simple to digest, and has easy-to-follow structure
  • It looks creatively compelling and keeps an audience engaged
  • It relates closely to your business and supports other thematic content on your site
  • It appeals to a specific audience
  • Content and data have been thoroughly researched, is factually correct and resourceful
  • Offers content that is worth sharing
  • It’s interactive and contains links to other relevant areas of your site

Infographics can bring benefit from an SEO perspective too. Because they are likely to go viral, your site can benefit from backlinks as your infographic content is shared. It is important to remember though that Google is looking at the quality of those backlinks to ensure that the infographic offers, as with all content, something of unique value. As Google’s Head Spam Chief Matt Cutts explains:

If you expect people to link back to your site because you published an infographic, you need to make sure it’s relevant to your readers. Any infographics you create will do better if they’re closely related to your business, and it needs to be fully disclosed what you are doing.”

Read full Matt Cutts article about Infographics

If you’re looking of ways to translate your data and message effectively, Torpedo can create a visually compelling infographic that your audience will love and share. Contact our creative team to find out more.

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