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Interactive virtual reality and 360° video – The day we got to play with the world’s first professional VR camera

Last week we had a very cool visit from one of our specialist film crews we use here at Torpedo. They brought along the new Nokia OZO, the world’s first professional VR camera and, being the first one in Europe, we were lucky to see it in the flesh.

 We couldn’t wait to see what all this VR/3D/360° spherical video fuss was about. With no more complex multi-camera rigs: this is the first virtual reality device to capture 360° spherical video. I have now come away sounding like an OZO sales person, I was so impressed I think everyone should try it! 

We had the opportunity to try one of the new HTC Vive VR headsets and see how 360° video really does put you right at the centre of the action. Although we’ve been experimenting with our Oculus Rift development kit since they came out, everyone in the office wanted a go with this latest technology.

Using the Vivi we explored the interactive aspects that can be combined with the 360° video. The ability to immerse yourself in a full HD virtual environment is one thing, but when you combine this with the ability to interact with items within a virtual world, the experience really comes to life. It was amazing how it felt like you have been teleported to the actual place you were viewing. As you will see in the video, even though we were in one of our meeting rooms, once you had the goggles on, you totally forgot where you were. We experienced standing on the edge of a realistic cliff top (not good for those with a fear of heights) and throwing a stick for a virtual dog to collect, to trying medieval archery and drawing pictures in a 3D space. 

The gaming potential is obvious and as we know in addition to HTC, Sony and others are already starting to roll this technology out for their gaming platforms. For us though, we are excited about the potential to apply this level of interactivity and virtual reality to benefit businesses and enhance the customer experience as part of the broader experiential marketing activities.

We’re looking forward to finding new ways to using the OZO camera and applying 360° video and VR technology for our clients. Very exciting.

See the Torpedo team having a play with interactive VR:

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