Laura Barnett

Make apps work for your business

Mobile apps are no longer just about games and social media. More and more businesses are discovering ways to harness the power of tablets and smart phones using bespoke apps specifically designed to showcase their products or services, empower their sales teams and reach new customers.

Enterprise apps can deliver a range of business benefits including improved productivity and communication, brand consistency, increased internal communications, greater levels of system integration and a unified sales process. They can revolutionise a company’s entire sales and marketing engine; from generating the initial leads, to closing the ultimate sale – without any constraints on location or having to update several versions of a proposal… an app gives sales (and marketing) the tools, information and insights they need to have a much clearer view of their opportunities, improve lead-to-conversion rates and maximise revenue performance…

There is no doubt that mobile apps can help businesses of any size and industry transform the customer experience, as well as improve the way sales teams work internally. For sales managers, this means more productivity, better opportunities to sell and a better experience for your b2b customers.

Torpedo will be hosting an ‘app masterclass’ at our offices near Oxford on Thursday 16th April at 6-9pm. This masterclass has been created by our app specialists to give you a solid understanding of what you need to create the perfect app. Find out more and register for this event here.

For additional information on apps for business please download the Torpedo Enterprise App eBook below.

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