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The rise of paid-for content promotion

Paid content promotion options

Do you ever find yourself beavering away creating great content, but not getting the traffic that your content deserves? Many marketeers feel that their biggest barrier to successful content marketing is an effective distribution or ‘reach’ strategy. Before you get too disheartened, there are many opportunities such as paid-for promotion tactics (gasp!) that help to get your content noticed by a wider audience.

The fact is, with over 2 million blog posts published every day, an active promotion strategy is essential if you want to drive traffic and generate leads from the content you’ve worked so hard to produce. In this post, I want to share with you some popular paid-for content promotion tactics available to you that will help to extend your reach and get you the results your great content deserves.

Content discovery platforms

You’ll have undoubtedly come across a widget at the bottom of many publisher sites that suggest other articles to readers that are related to the content you’ve just read.

This widget has been provided by Outbrain, one of the largest content discovery platforms who distribute across a large number of global publishers, including CNN, Fox News, Forbes, US Weekly and Fast Company. There are several other content discovery platforms, including Taboola, Gravity and Nrelate that allow you to pay to have your content distributed on sites with high traffic volumes. A business only pays once a visitors clicks on the content, so it is relatively easy to measure its effectiveness  – both in terms of distribution and reach.

Social advertising

The top social networks also allow you to promote content in front of specific audiences. Facebook and Twitter both provide targeting methods that allow businesses to tailor the audience through options such as geographic location, gender, age, interests, education level and much more. The key to getting the most out of social media promotion is to target audiences as specifically as possible in order to get the right customers reading and engaging with your content.

Content re-targeting

Content re-targeting, is a highly effective way of following up with people who visit a website but don’t act immediately. Perhaps they visited a landing page, but didn’t download the eBook. Content re-targeting acts in the same way as Google’s remarketing tools offered via PPC campaigns, with custom adverts that follow you around the web until you proceed to download/buy/signup etc. Companies such as Resonance  are offering this service.

Measuring ROI of paid content

Measuring the results of content promotion can include number of clicks/views, comments and social media shares, as well as KPIs such as traffic (both pre and post outreach), and visitor engagement metrics.

Paid content distribution will definitely be a space to watch, especially as competition hots up to gain the attention of online audiences.  We expect to see more entrants in the paid content distribution market as more platforms seek to provide paid-for services, and existing players improve their audience targeting options. It’s well worth dipping your toes in to paid-for content promotion to see what results you might get.

For more information on paid-for content promotion, contact the Inbound Team at Torpedo.

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