Andrew Sinclair-Pearson

There will be MUD!!!

So we did it – we conquered the world’s toughest obstacle course and lived to tell the tale…!

After 5 months of worry, crazy diets and even crazier training regimes we were all ready to brave everything Tough Mudder had to throw at us – well when I say ready, what I actually mean is we got to the point of no return…the dreaded start line! No turning back because literally, to get to the start line we all had to climb over a 6ft wall. Can you imagine our shock as this wasn’t even the first obstacle and we were already puffing and wondering “What have we done!”

12 miles of pain and 25 obstacles of hell to tell you about, so I asked the team to vote for the one that was the most fun and also the least. Not surprising the favourite by a muddy mile was the mud mile itself – everyone remembers getting muddy as a kid and this was big kids time with tons of mud to wade through and not an angry mum in sight. But if mums were there, they wouldn’t have worried about all that muddy washing as the least favourite obstacle was upon us – Arctic Enema 2.0! Feared by all Tough Mudder Veterans the world over and every single one of us that day. We are talking about 10 tons of ice that you enter by a high speed slide and a wall midway that you had to duck under before you could drag yourself out of the ice water into air temperatures of only 4 degrees. “I’m cold” is an expression that few of us will ever utter again in complaint now we have done Arctic Enema.


I wont bore you with all the details of the rest of the course as we would be here all day, but every obstacle was a massive challenge both mentally and physically and it all culminated in a brutal dash through a 1000 dangling wires – each hungry to unleash an electric shock – before we could all be awarded with our finisher headbands and t-shirts.

In the end we all had a great time, but Tough Mudder wasn’t the only obstacle we conquered that day. We actually smashed our Cancer Research target by 300%. Through the lovely support of friends, family, colleagues and clients, we have so far raised over £1500.

So on behalf of the Torpedo Tough Mudder Team, we offer a big thank you to all who supported us – both on the day through cheering us on (we couldn’t have done it without you) and through your generous donations – THANK YOU!

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