Laura Barnett

Torpedo is ten

After a lot of careful planning, this time ten years ago Iain Lewis took a deep breath and went it alone, taking his wealth of knowledge and insight and set up his own creative marketing agency, Torpedo.

In that time Torpedo has established and maintained solid relationships with clients from a range of industries on a national and global scale. With a great team of project managers, designers, developers and creative thinkers on board who ensure projects happen on time and within budget, Torpedo has worked hard to become one of the most well respected B2B agencies outside London.

As it’s our tenth anniversary, we thought it would be OK to blow our own trumpet. Here are ten facts about Torpedo (in no particular order) that you might not know.

  1. There are now 32 of us at our offices just outside Oxford
  2. The quantity of chocolate we have collectively eaten in ten years cannot be disclosed (but we know it’s off the scale)
  3. We wouldn’t be here without our lovely clients and the amazing opportunities they’ve given us
  4. We’ve won a few awards for our creativity and digital expertise
  5. We have a digital team, a creative team and the crème de la crème of project managers ensuring our clients are always happy. We invest in the best training and the very best talent
  6. The industry has changed a lot and we’ve created a team to reflect this. Social media wasn’t even a ‘thing’ in September 2003
  7. We have two sister companies, Syncro PR and Lingo Telemarketing
  8. One of our designers can do the Rubik’s cube in 59 seconds
  9. We won one of our largest clients because of our responsive attitude, and because of that we ALWAYS pick up the phone within three rings
  10. We still work with our first ever client

We can’t wait to see what the next ten years brings!

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