Arnold Online Awareness Campaign

Creative / Online Advertising / Awareness campaign / Product launch / Copywriting / Design / UX

Arnold is a powerful rendering software, designed to help Media and Entertainments artists produce and render complex and impressive feature length animations and visual effects.

When Arnold became Autodesk’s new default renderer for its Media and Entertainments software – 3ds Max and Maya – 98% of this audience were using other renderers. This presented Arnold with a huge opportunity to expand into the market.

To capture the attention of our audience and communicate the software’s powerful capabilities, we chose to celebrate the beautiful and complex imagery that Arnold makes possible. At the centre of our campaign was a single image: beautiful to look at, complex to render and which left the audience wanting to know how it was created. Coupled with this image was a simple message that captures the relationship between Arnold and its users: You make magic. We render it.

Leading on from the campaign messaging and striking visuals was a campaign landing page that provided valuable learning content featuring leading 3D artist tutorials that walk viewers through innovative techniques and workflows, along with supporting online web banners and print artwork.

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