Back to School Student Promotion

Creative / Photography / Online Banners / Email / Motion Graphics

The main objective was to raise awareness of the Adobe Creative Cloud Student and Teacher Edition Price Promotion and drive sales of subscriptions in a specified timeframe. The target audience was students, parents and teachers. Call to action: Join the Creative Cloud.

Online Banners

We initially carried out focus groups at select colleges and universities specialising in Art and Design courses in order to gain further insight into this niche target market. Torpedo devised a detailed comms plan which included the creation and implementation of eDMs, student case study videos, web banners for specialised industry pages and adverts for select social media platforms. Subsequent phases of this Promotion were implemented based on analysis from previous activities.

Facebook Ad Campaign

eDM Comms Material

Generating millions of impressions, thousands of clicks and a positive response from students and teachers, the campaign drove enough sales to reach the Adobe UK target and more in phase one. This campaign was recognised throughout the global company, with assets having prominence on the website.

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