Transition to Subscription Campaign

Strategy / Creative / Responsive Website / Motion Graphics

With an impending and significant change from a perpetual software licencing model to a subscription-based model, Autodesk needed to raise awareness amongst their customers. Software licencing can be complicated and change can be scary, so the task was challenging.

Our solution was to create an optimistic, educational and urgent campaign with messaging and a visual language that worked across many different assets, could be applied globally and could be updated throughout the year. This messaging was complemented by simple 2D visuals, an infographic and video that told an engaging story, whilst also explaining customer actions to be taken during the transition to subscription.

This simple approach has resonated with customers and helped explain the transition in a clear ‘digestible’ way. The infographic and video performed really well on the landing page and on social platforms, while the campaign emails achieved an average open rate of 30%*.

*Based on emails sent in APAC and EMEA during Q4 2015

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