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The Adobe ‘Capture’ mobile app is part of Adobe’s existing Creative Cloud offering. This app makes it easy, for anyone with a smartphone, to make their own unique design assets – wherever they may be when they experience creative inspiration.

To tell a unique story on how to start capturing assets, we created a fun and sharable video that would express the amazing features of the Capture app. Our creative team were full of experimental ideas to use for the video, showcasing how you can gain inspiration from anywhere to create your own assets.

One idea particularly stood out, and we recruited a dance performance act that wouldn’t mind getting a little creative with brightly coloured powder and liquid paints to make our idea come to life.  The concept was to ‘express yourself through movement’, using the paint, each dance move would form a colourful explosion on a white background.

During the video shoot, the Capture app was used by the founder of the dance group to take images of the colourful marks the dancers created. He was then able to produce a library of assets which include patterns, colour themes, looks and graphics which are available for anyone to download and use in their own creative work.


As part of the wider campaign, we designed a landing page that included an embed of the video and a fun guide on how to use the captured assets such as creating your own poster.

We reached out to a varied creative audience, including those who would relate to the video topic, possessing interests in dance and music. We did this by, designing and building html emails with inspiring copy, sparking the interest of the audience.

For the campaign, we partnered with Time Out and Ticket Master to broadcast the email out via their audience. We also reached out to the Adobe creative professional database, helping to raise awareness of the Capture app to those who have a free trial or paid membership to Adobe Creative Cloud.

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