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White Space needed a content marketing strategy in order to attract more leads and perform better in search engines. They needed content that helped reinforce their data and analysis capabilities, as well as expertise in market strategy in consumer and B2B markets.

Promotion through third party industry blogs

The content marketing strategy centred on targeting high quality third party websites that had similar audience synergies with White Space. Torpedo created content including two infographics with unique data researched by White Space which they used on their own website, third party sites and in their e-newsletters.

Smart Infographic

Both campaigns were well received by both internal teams at White Space, as well as their target audience. White Space now perform consistently better in search engines as a result of the inbound links generated from content marketing.

International Expansion Infographic

"This work deserves the highest praise. It's rare that I see anything that blows me away, but the quality of this work is truly exceptional. I'm most impressed by how the graphics strategically relate to the topic, and yet remain simple and clear. To me, these are the hallmarks of the very best design."

Managing Director, White Space

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