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With Logitech launching their sleek Spotlight presentation remote, they needed an impactful and eye-catching campaign that targeted just the right audiences.

The Spotlight positions itself as so much more than a ‘clicker’ and offers a whole new standard in presentation control by combining minimalist design with advanced functionality. Our brief was to target specific B2B audiences and create a campaign to highlight the key competitive differentiators and benefits.

We developed a messaging proposition targeting each specific audience persona, highlighting how Spotlight transforms both presentations and the presenters in to so much more.

From presenter to mentor – This messaging / creative targeted teachers and lecturers in the education industry by communicating how, with the right tools, they could inspire their students.

From presenter to storyteller – This messaging / creative targeted creative professionals by communicating how, with the Spotlight, they could make their presentations more captivating.

From presenter to dealmaker – This messaging / creative targeted business professionals by communicating how, with the Spotlight, they could bring their pitches to life.

As well as localising in to 6x languages, we also tailored the details of each advert to the location and media it would be displayed in. This included print advertising, OOH advertising and web in the form of animated HTML5 banners.

16 sheet London Underground poster featuring London skyline

Display in London City Airport featuring New York skyline

Wired magazine

Animated HTML5 banner for paid display activity

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