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UCB is a global biopharma company focused on severe diseases with offices worldwide. Their UK Health, Safety and Environment team identified the need to educate off site and remote based staff on all aspects of health and safety and the risks they could face on a daily basis.

The Torpedo team felt the campaign should be educational yet visually lighthearted. It was important to focus on safety whilst making the target audience feel fully integrated into the business. Adhering to the broader UCB brand guidelines, Torpedo presented and developed the ‘staysafe REMOTELY’ campaign.

The intuitive ‘staysafe REMOTELY’ app was created with ‘U characters’ to add personality and highlight different aspects of the campaign. Key areas included Occupational Health, Drive Safely, Working and Travelling Alone and a handy Who’s Who guide. Supporting materials included a launch piece and presentation template.

Since the launch, the number of accidents resulting in time away from the work place has dramatically dropped but the number of safety observations has increased by 42% as staff are more proactive about their safety as a result of the app.

Due to the huge success of the campaign creative, there have been a few new additions to the UCB character family since launch!




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