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The Autodesk ConTech e-learning platform was created to help construction professionals increase their use of digital technology by educating them on the benefits to their roles, whilst enabling them to earn CPD qualifications. By bringing the industry up to date and increasing the use of digital tech, Autodesk would also increase the use of its software.

Autodesk worked closely with its construction industry partners to develop a content strategy, establishing how technology could help improve efficiency and accuracy, and which subjects would be most beneficial for the individual course videos. With this insight, we created a bespoke content and e-learning platform which formed the heart of the campaign.

Around 100 course topics were scripted, filmed and edited to bite-sized videos for consumption by the target audience. They included motion graphics, illustrations and animations neatly packaged into short videos that, when combined, created four courses of a single curriculum. The videos could be watched online – anytime, anywhere – in the office, on site, or at home.

Torpedo also designed a full set of online resources for the platform – including downloadable assets, based on the content of all the courses, to support individuals as they took online tests and exams. The creative, content and messaging were all tailored for the audience, often using humour to engage and retain attention.

This is an ongoing initiative and content is continually being consumed as part of the learning programme. Engagement for the initial launch and phase one have exceeded objectives:

  • 867 construction professionals pre-registered (22% in the first week).
  • 2240 construction professionals signed up to the full learning content programme.
  • 12% of the audience have actively engaged with the content and watched learning courses totalling over 536 hours.
  • 2% of those participating have taken and passed the exam so far, earning an industry-recognised professional development accreditation.


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