Isuzu Grafter Green. Loaded with benefits.

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Isuzu Truck engaged Torpedo to help launch their new 3.5t truck – The Grafter Green. Built to the latest Euro 6 emissions standards, the Grafter Green meets the requirements needed to operate within the new restricted emission zones and with a capability that appeals to a wide range of buyers.

Traditionally Isuzu Truck has relied on events and print trade ads to target audiences. With the cost of events and print being so high and generating low ROI, Isuzu were seeking to try a more focused and cost-effective route for awareness and engagement.

Torpedo worked closely with Isuzu Truck’s sales and marketing teams to identify the primary personas that purchase 3.5t trucks in order to focus the campaign on the audiences that would benefit most from the vehicle’s capabilities. This research highlighted 3 key target groups:  Landscape Gardeners; Arborists; Building & Construction.

The campaign strategy was focused on demonstrating how Isuzu Grafter Green is the truck to meet the needs of each audience group and their day-to-day work.

From the audience insights, the creative theme took shape, centred around creating a clearly identifiable differentiator – an attention-grabbing, interactive visual that would work across paid media ads, owned and paid social channels, campaign microsite with personalised landing pages and printed collateral / trade press ads.

The campaign featured the Grafter Green truck ‘Loaded with benefits’ – and the tagline ‘Isuzu Grafter Green. A proper little grafter’. The image was rendered in 3D using materials that resonated with the 3 different audiences e.g. concrete, wood, brick, hedges etc. This resulted in 3 industry-tailored images, which were then animated for the campaign collateral and media.

The campaign yielded excellent results generating 8.02M impressions across the target audiences and 25,000 visits to the campaign landing page in a three-month period, with a combination of Facebook, other social channels and organic search contributing to this overall figure.

This itself has contributed to a sales performance increase of over 65% against the half year projection – with 953 registrations against a total year target of 1400 (at time of writing), and a healthy pipeline that shows no signs of slowing down.

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