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Emerson Network Power is a global leader in protecting and optimising critical infrastructure. Emerson was keen to educate and inform the target market about their new innovative Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) product – the Trinergy Cube.

Direct Mail Piece

Torpedo developed ideas for a creative direct mail piece which needed to stand out in an otherwise crowded market. The ‘pop up cube’ was created; this had direct similarities with the product, clearly highlighting the benefits. This cube, alongside a personalised letter, would inform and prompt Emerson’s target audience about the Trinergy Cube product, with call-to-actions to engage with the website.

Cube Direct Mail Piece - Detail

The direct mail piece was sent to a database of 500 contacts and was followed up with a telemarketing campaign. Emerson found the design and mechanism clean and succinct and results have been impressive with over 5% of recipients agreeing to accept a face-to-face sales meeting with Emerson.

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