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Adobe wanted to build on the success and momentum of its existing Lightroom Stories campaign, by creating a 12-month campaign focused on engaging a new audience group – social content creators. This target audience was slightly younger and not necessarily passionate about photography, but uses photography on a daily basis as their main media to build influence on social channels.

After the success of the initial ‘Food’ theme, partnering with vegan food stylist and influencer Bo’s Kitchen (@boskitchen) in the UK, the second phase of this campaign was focused on lifestyle and fashion photography. The aim was to reach younger women (aged between 18-30) who take photographs primarily on mobile, spend time editing their photos either on the go, during the weekend or evenings and find inspiration on social platforms, particularly Instagram.

As with the previous phase of the campaign, we needed to address the target audience’s concerns that Lightroom is ‘only for professionals’ by partnering with a respected influencer to show the value of Lightroom in a social content creation workflow. We used the EMEA Photo Beginners web page as the campaign content hub for all the assets we created, positioning it as the place to go to learn how to create engaging visual social content.

We partnered with Kelsey of @kelseyinlondon as the social content creator for this campaign, who shares her inspirational lifestyle photography with more than 155K Instagram followers. After a video and photo shoot with Kelsey in Kew Gardens and her flat in South-East London, we created a hero video and a series of story videos for the content hub, focusing on selecting the right outfit, choosing the best location and creating the perfect fashion accessories flatlay.

We also created a series of short tutorial videos covering how to use Lightroom to make colours more vibrant, create a signature preset and highlight details using selective edits. The content hub also included a blog article from Kelsey where she shared her tips for creating the perfect Instagram feed. A series of weekly emails pointed the audience to these assets, which also included a free preset Kelsey created for photographers to download and use in Lightroom.

To increase the impact of this campaign amongst her followers, we also invited a small group of keen fashion photographers to join Kelsey for a photowalk in Notting Hill, followed by a photo editing workshop. The final asset for the campaign was an interactive livestream event on Adobe’s UK Facebook and YouTube channels, with Kelsey interviewed and answering questions from the online audience.

The campaign was a huge success, achieving significant engagement with the target audience, with over 2.5M impressions across social media and 9.6M impressions from paid media resulting in over 245K clicks and 95K visits.

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