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CRM Students is a leading provider of student accommodation, overseeing properties in cities across the UK, and handling bookings through their website. CRM Students engaged Torpedo to build them a brand-new website in WordPress that would allow a high degree of flexibility and include eCommerce functionality. They also wanted to integrate the site with TCAS – the third-party student accommodation booking system – to improve and streamline their booking system. The website needed to support short-term lets and summer lets outside of term-time, and CRM Students wanted properties to be able to customise the look and feel of their specific pages to match their brand.

We held an interactive workshop with the CRM Students team at the beginning of the project and wrote a detailed specification for the website. This helped ensure we would deliver what was required, prevented any confusion and ensured we were all on the same page. We successfully integrated an eCommerce payment system into the website and included an innovative chat-assistance style user interface into the design.

CRM Students are delighted with the new website. Visitor analytics taken directly after the website launched demonstrated that the new site was immediately out-performing the previous site. Compared to the same period last year:

  • Visits have increased by 6%
  • Bounce rate has reduced by 3.07%
  • Engagement pages per session have increased by 32.9%
  • Average session duration has increased 8%


We continue to support and develop the site, and are currently developing two similar websites aimed at the European market.

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