Marketing automation.


of users increased their leads by using marketing automation software. – VB Insight


of customers will manage their relationship with the enterprise without interacting with a human by 2020. – Gartner

The agency advantage.

With stats like these you’re probably already using marketing automation to deliver on your customer acquisitions. After all, it’s a brave soul who bucks the trend and goes the old-fashioned way – manually joining up the dots along the journey from prospect to customer to advocate.

Yet, with such glowing statistics and clear support for MA, you’d be forgiven for thinking modern marketers are clearing up and going home early (in the satisfying knowledge they’ve earned their seat on the board).

If only it were that simple. Strangely, it seems that the power to automate tedious, repetitive tasks, capture better quality leads, nurture them and speed up the conversion process also comes with a ton of complexity – and worse still, a mountain of choice.

So, what’s a modern marketer got to do to be one of the “63% outsmarting their competition by using integrated marketing automation,” as described by Lenskold Group? Well, you could:

  1. Define your content strategy
  2. Plan your contact strategy
  3. Create quality content that your audience really wants and needs
  4. Cast your net where your audience are fishing
  5. Have a bloody good relationship with your Sales team
  6. Choose your MA weapon of choice
  7. Be ready to roll up your sleeves and spend some quality ‘one-to-one’ time with your new best friend
  8. Craft your CTAs to add value

Or, you could join the ever-growing rank of marketers who know when they’re on to a good thing:

75% of marketers outsource all or part of their marketing automation strategy planning to benefit from specialised expertise. – Marketo

With a specialist B2B agency to support and guide you through the complexity of MA, you could free up your time to focus on other business matters, rather than trying to master systems that are ever-evolving.



Torpedo is a wonderful agency to work with. They really are an extension of our marketing team, which was exactly what we were looking for. They are always on hand, help us with weird and wonderful requests, and deliver within very tight deadlines and always with creativity. They really are a pleasure to work with!

Just what can marketing automation do really well?

Let’s take a look at the strengths of a good MA rated by efficiency and effectiveness of delivery:

  1. Using intelligent targeting to trigger the right content
  2. Capturing extra intelligence for the Sales team
  3. Customising the ‘content-to-buyer’ journey stage
  4. Re-purposing content for maximum efficiency
  5. Educating prospects on solving real business needs
  6. Customising content to specific buyer personas

Not all marketing automation solutions are the same.

Our in-depth knowledge of the world’s leading MA solutions is something we’re proud of. It enables us to build nurture flows, personalised content and fully integrated forms and websites. And though there are differences between the major MA solutions, we like to think we know the following ones rather well.


So if you’d like to know what makes your Dream Cloud stand out from your Experience Cloud…

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