UX consultancy.

Experienced in seamless experiences.

UX and CX. When they’re done badly, you notice it big time. When they’re done well, you often don’t. When they’re done really well, you tell your friends about it.

Delivering frictionless digital experiences that reflect positively on your brand requires everything from the science of psychology to the most detailed of data.

Every interaction a user has with you – no matter how big or small – should strengthen your relationship with them, and, consequently, have a positive impact on your bottom line.

At Torpedo, we do an awful lot of work that often goes unnoticed by the user. But that’s okay, because the difference will be very noticeable to you.

I could not recommend them highly enough. They have helped us to take complex business level ideas and form them into innovative and engaging strategies for both brand development and UI/UX design.

Research and strategy.

We get started by immersing ourselves in your world. This will involve various collaborative workshops with key stakeholders and a comprehensive audit to see what you’re currently doing and how that compares to the competition.

Together, we’ll identify your business goals and create detailed personas for your target users. The Torpedo team needs to have a good understanding of their motivations so we can anticipate their needs and design solutions to suit. Seeing the problem from both sides allows us to realise your shared goals and deliver an enjoyable experience that works for everyone.

Develop and support.

As your project goes through the team, we do all we can to make sure the legwork upfront pays off. To ensure everyone has a clear understanding of your project’s particulars, style guides and persona specifications are shared between our Strategists, Creatives and Developers.

Before our Developers get started, we complete a development handover so they have everything they need to code your product, just as we’ve planned it. Following this, through QA and testing, we work together to ensure it retains all functional intent. Should you need further ongoing support once you’re up and running, that’s possible too.

Great UX and CX is a tricky thing to get right. It’s rarely straightforward and, unlike the smooth, un-noticeable results, there may be a few hurdles to overcome and one or two false starts before we reach the finish line together. But talk to us at Torpedo, and you’ll find we’re well qualified to create a seamless experience for your customers. And a very rewarding one for you.

Just a few of the UX and CX skills we use to deliver your results:

Competitor and gap analysis
We’ll scrutinise your competitors and disruptors to see what they’re doing (and not doing) to help you find the best way to position yourselves against them.

Design sprints
Sometimes you don’t know what you really need so we’ll work with you in an interactive workshop to draw out your requirements and help define the delivery roadmap.

Customer experience mapping
Together, we’ll explore how your customers are engaging with your business and spot opportunities to improve their experience.

Content structure
We’ll help you audit your content and organise it in a way that makes sense for your users. We can help with content creation too.

Wireframe exploration
We’ll create a bare-bones visual of your site to help test through the hierarchy of information and the best user journey flow through the site.

User interface design (UI)
We’ll develop a look and feel that unmistakably represents your brand and then provide either design systems and patterns or even design as code for your developers to implement.

Rapid prototyping
We’ll make you an interactive ‘model’ of your site, app or portal. This could be anything from a paper protype to an online, fully clickable design for your whole UI.

Usability testing
We’ll observe your real users and prospects or supply test subjects to see how they use your site or prototype to help us iterate and improve on the design.