Abracadabra! Is martech magic?

 laptop with a magic globe

Is martech magic? You’d be forgiven for believing it is. But the truth is there’s no magic when it comes to strategic marketing. However, there is a lot of clever technology, and there’s a right way to use it to create bigger, better impacts.

It takes more than buying new tech to pull the rabbit out of a hat. Like all ‘tricks’, the real magic lies in understanding the basic principles, having access to the right tools, knowing your audience, putting in lots of practice, and tweaking things when they don’t work so well.

We’ve partnered with B2B Marketing to produce a report on martech in 2023. It’s called B2B martech: The marketing leaders’ perspective, and it’s the combined insights of top CMOs from a variety of sectors.

Their thoughts include:

  • Making the most of the martech stack
  • The need for martech skills in your team
  • Martech ROI and why it matters

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