Adobe Asset Lab Campaign Video – Behind the Scenes

 Adobe asset lab

Last month we embarked upon one of our most exciting video projects yet, it was a great opportunity to create something amazing and have a bit of fun at the same time.

The brief was to demonstrate Adobe’s new ‘Capture’ app. You take any picture you want (say on your mobile) and then create assets to use in other Adobe software apps such as Photoshop. Once you’ve taken your picture, you can create a colour palette, a pattern or even a brush and with them you can make amazing creative shapes and patterns.

 I must admit I had never used the app prior to this project, but I was really blown away with what you can do with it. The assets that you create can look great on their own, even before you drop them into one of Adobe’s other software apps and manipulate them.

 For the video itself, we had several ideas and concepts but settled on ‘Capturing human movement’ as the chosen one. The challenge though was how could we show human movement with a twist?

 Adobe-asset lab behind the scenes

 The format of an ‘experiment’ started to take shape and we set out to find a Dance Company who could interpret the brief.

 We needed something a bit different and through much searching we came across a company called B-Hybrid. Put together by Brian Gillespie, the Dance Director, his company is made up of a mixture of dancers, with their own unique styles, ability to improvise and open to doing something different.

 We wanted to create some great palettes, patterns and brushes for the app, so we did what every big kid would love to do and decided on throwing paint and powder into the mixture. Choosing Cyan, Magenta and Yellow, being three of the CMYK print colours, we set up a large canvas in a great location, Camp Furnace, near Liverpool. With Brian’s direction, and a bit of improvisation on the day, the dance group (who had no idea what they were going to be doing or what was involved) were encouraged to experiment and interact with the paint and powder through human movement. 

 It naturally all got a bit messy, but with a specialist high speed camera crew we were able to capture some incredible slow motion shots up to 1000 frames per second, and the results looked amazing.

 With the colour art created by the dancers on the canvas, and Brian capturing the results on his mobile, we were able to create some stunning new assets with the Capture App and a fantastic video for Adobe.

 See the dancers in full colour, literally.

See how it all came together with our behind the scenes video

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