Behind the scenes at Torpedo – giving a Grad a go…

 Graduate tale

Torpedo’s graduate tale

It’s been a year for me now at Torpedo and what a great one it’s been… So where do I start?

I joined the agency in July 2017 as a fresh-faced graduate and was thrilled to be offered a job as an ‘Account Executive’ (and yes, I did brag to my friends about how fancy my new job title sounded). I was lucky to land a role in such a versatile company, with fantastic clients, and a mix of Creative, Marketing and Digital projects to get stuck into.

Torpedo took me on and gave me a chance to prove that although I was a graduate, with limited experience of working in an agency, I had the potential to grow in the business and add value to their great team. When searching for jobs I found that most graduate roles still required 2-3 years of agency experience – and as a graduate, that’s impossible! I believe that the best experience is hands-on experience and that’s exactly what I’ve gained in my year of working at Torpedo.

And what have I learned? Or should I say, what haven’t I learned! The opportunity to work in an agency as one big team, with several specialised departments, has improved my knowledge in areas I knew very little about, including UX, SEO, and websites. Within my first month of starting, I had one-to-one meetings with colleagues from each department – where they explained their role, and how we would be working together on future projects.

And what is a usual day in the life of an Account Executive? I work closely with clients to develop an in-depth understanding of their business, share ideas and manage integrated marketing campaigns both online and offline to ensure that the projects are delivered on time and to budget. I also take one or two trips to the kitchen cupboard, which houses an unlimited supply of ‘Pick N Mix’ – just one of the many perks that comes with the job!

At Torpedo, we work very hard, but this doesn’t go unnoticed. In return they look after us well too. During my first year I’ve taken part in a number of social activities including bowling (which was all fun and games until I came last out of 40+ people), a fantastic Christmas party including company awards, the 10K Wolf Run and the Welsh Three Peaks Challenge (you can read more about these events in other posts in our blog). These have all been great opportunities to take part in and enjoy time with the team outside of the office!

After a year, I’m still learning, and I have also been promoted to Senior Account Executive – which proves that hard work doesn’t go unnoticed at Torpedo. On that note, I can’t wait to see what the next year brings!