Go the Distance Challenge 2022 – The Results!

The results are in!

Last month, during National Walking Month, our team once again took part in our ‘Go the Distance Challenge’ which set Team Yellow and Team Blue against each other to see who could walk and/or run the most miles during the month of May.

On top of the fierce competition, we also had an overall team goal of covering 1,483 miles  (the total distance between our office in Cassington and Kyiv, Ukraine), and an aim to raise as much money as we possible could for the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

Well the results are in and the winners were… Team Blue! Congratulations Blues!

The Yellow team clocked up an impressive 1,711 miles, but the Blue team pipped them to the post with an astonishing 1,812 miles. That’s a grand total of a whopping 3,523 miles- easily covering the distance between Kyiv and the Torpedo Office twice over with some to spare! What an incredible achievement.

To top it all off, we managed to raise £420 for a very worthwhile charity. Our JustGiving page is still open and any donations are very gratefully received. They’ll certainly make our tired old legs feel a lot better!