A day in the life of…Sophie, Account Manager at Torpedo

 Image of Sophie, Account Manager at Torpedo

This time we catch up with Sophie to find out exactly how an Account Manager spends their time and just how important it is to join a welcoming workplace…

What’s your role at Torpedo and how long have you been here?

I started off as a Senior Account Executive back in March 2022, and progressed to Account Manager in November 2022.

What exactly does your role entail? Can you run us through what you might get up today, for example?

I handle many different projects for one of our clients. This involves speaking to the clients daily, working with the Torpedo Creative Team and bouncing ideas around with them for the best results for our clients, quoting for work and making sure the projects stay on track and on budget. On a monthly basis we also have a Client Services meeting, where we get to know additional team members a little better whilst talking about other topics, like best practices, tips and tricks, and how to collaborate efficiently with other departments in Torpedo. We also have a monthly companywide meeting where everyone comes into the office for an update on the previous month’s successes.  It’s great to hear the positivity and to see everyone in person over breakfast.

What tools/resources/people do you depend on to get your job done?

Torpedo are very flexible with their working from home policy, we use Microsoft Teams to connect with lots of different departments, especially the Creative Department, and the rest of my team in Client Services. It’s a great tool to check-in, collaborate and keep track of a project’s status with all participants involved, or have a really quick question answered. I also use the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite daily to help with QA for all the assets we create, this includes Photoshop, XD, PDF and Lightroom. 

What do you love most about your job at Torpedo? What’s the highlight of your day?

The team here at Torpedo are second to none. Everyone is so helpful and welcoming, especially when you first start, and it solidifies workplace friendships and creates a warm atmosphere. It is safe to say I have made many friends this year and look forward to meeting new  people who start in the future! The whole team celebrated Pancake Day at a recent company meeting, now that was a highlight!

And what do you find most challenging?

The biggest challenge for me is keeping up with the ever-changing trends, however, this is also the part that I enjoy most!  

Is there a particular piece of work/project that you’re really proud of?

I’ve really enjoyed all the projects I’ve worked on, however, my favourite would have to be a piece we’ve done to raise awareness of some local businesses spread over the UK, France and Germany. 

What did you see yourself doing when you were a kid?

When I was a child, I really wanted to be a zoologist or a vet, however, through school, I realised that I couldn’t handle the ‘behind the scenes’ parts of the role, if you get what I mean 

I really enjoy our monthly company-wide catch-ups and seeing people face-to-face.

If you weren’t an Account Manager , what do you think you’d be?

One thing that I would love to learn is coding. I have knowledge in HTML, however that only gets you so far! 

What made you choose this career path? How did you get to where you are today?

I came from a digital production background, designing templated websites, and progressed into a digital project manager role. However, I missed being more involved with the creative side, so I jumped ship to Marketing. 

When your OOO is on, what are you likely to be doing?

You would likely find me on a dog walk with my schnoodle, Watson, or jetting away to Italy to see my fiancé’s family! 

What’s your favourite memory of working at Torpedo to date?

I really enjoy our companywide catchups and seeing people face-to-face. It’s great to mingle with the other teams and just have normal, non-work-related conversations.  

What’s the best piece of professional advice you’ve ever been given?

Take your work in chunks, prioritise, and make check lists, especially if the big picture overwhelms you. This really helps you keep on top of things and allows you to be as productive as you can be.  

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