A new starter in the new normal.

Picture this – it’s your first day in a new job, but instead of a tour around the office or a welcome lunch with your new teammates, it’s just you and your laptop waiting for your first meeting. Of course, after almost two full years of living with on-and-off lockdown restrictions, this might not sound so strange. But starting a new job is always daunting, and in the morning before my first day at Torpedo, I admit I was worried about how it would all work out. 

As it turns out, there was no need to be. 

I was one of the 14 new hires Torpedo had made this year. Since joining in March – before COVID restrictions were eased – it’s been clear to see that they take great pains to help you do your best work, even remotely. There’s an inviting and encouraging work culture at Torpedo that’s so strong that you can’t help but feel it in your home office.  

To give you a clearer idea of why I love what I do (and why I love doing it), here are a few things that I particularly like about working at Torpedo. I’m sure many of my fellow new-starters would echo these thoughts too. 

Ask anything, anytime.

The experience of starting a new job while sitting at home can be strange. In my case, I began to wonder if I’d work well remotely or if I’d ever figure out how to use Microsoft Teams. 

Thankfully, I found that absolutely everyone is eager to answer any of my questions. And I genuinely mean everyone – from account executives to creative team members. It’s a small gesture, but, across the board, the Torpedo team’s willingness to clear any doubts makes working here easier and infinitely more pleasant.   

This is also a great way to meet the rest of the team – especially when we were all confined to our screens. Asking questions about processes and working with different departments always brought new questions – and new people to answer them.  

However, I didn’t cross paths with everyone, which is why, on my first day, I got a list of inductions – short meetings and presentations – to introduce me to every department.  

Most importantly, asking as many questions as possible (and not feeling like a nuisance) let me – and everyone who started in 2021, dive right into the work. 

A day in the (virtual) office.

Before my first day, I thought working from home would be lonely. I didn’t know what my days would look like, and my experience working within a creative team had always been in-person, so I wasn’t sure how to do it through a screen. 

I soon found out remote work is more accessible in some ways – with a substantially shorter commute. At Torpedo, teams are in constant contact with each other, so you never feel lost in any assignment. Feedback comes quickly, and daily team catch-ups make it easier to regroup or just have a friendly chat. 

Some days are busier than others, but the way we work lets us be as efficient sitting at home as we would at the office. All while retaining that close-knit team feeling.  

Trusty troubleshooting teammates.

Nevertheless, things don’t work out all the time. Sometimes, what would just be a casual conversation needs to be a scheduled meeting, and other times, digital solutions don’t work as planned.   

Fortunately, our crack IT department has had my back throughout the year. They’ve helped me deal with any problems swiftly and efficiently, no matter how bizarre or unexpected. And, for most of us starting at Torpedo, they’ve also had the complicated task of setting up our computers remotely – letting us hit the ground running from Day One. 

Meeting face to face.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I eased into my role seamlessly and got to work as soon as I finished my initial introductions. From my point of view, that’s down to Torpedo’s excellent communication.  

Right now, we’ve been returning to the office when possible – and are encouraged to do so regularly. It’s been excellent to return to some normality and visit the office (and finally take a plunge in the office swimming pool). Although I must admit, it was quite a shock to see my colleagues in real life. It turns out webcams don’t accurately capture people’s heights. 

So, there you have it, starting a new job in this strange new world doesn’t have to be daunting. At a company like Torpedo, you can still work closely with people, even from afar.  

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