Demand generation.

The generation gain.

Generating demand. Sounds simple, right? And if you’re talking about the latest smartphone or this season’s must-have trainers then it probably is.

But here in the real world (of B2B), buying journeys are often long and complicated. It’s not about exciting a potential buyer, it’s about connecting with, convincing and converting a whole committee of buyers throughout the process.

All this makes successful demand generation a challenge, but we believe that it’s worth getting your demand gen programme right. After all, great demand generation fills the sales pipeline for your business.

Demand a better approach.

All too often demand generation programmes are built around the latest marketing trends and the technologies that businesses have invested in.

At Torpedo, we can do the trends and the tech. But the truth is, demand generation is a strategic approach and that’s where we begin. We’ll get to grips with your brand, your audiences and your marketplace to develop the right strategy, creative idea, messaging and content to connect with your buyers at every stage of their journey

We create meaningful, measurable, actionable interest in your product or service to drive growth. Inevitably, the demand generation campaigns we create use a wide range of tools and channels. Social media, PPC, display advertising, influencers, email and direct mail are some of the usual suspects. But remember, no two buying journeys are the same. That’s why at Torpedo, every demand generation campaign is unique too.

And the best thing about our approach? We can build a demand generation programme that puts to good use the tools and technologies you already have in place.

Wherever you are on your demand gen journey, Torpedo is here to help you to get it right and make it more effective.