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Metal failure is a major headache for manufacturers of components and finished products, causing expensive product recalls or worse.

Operating globally, in a highly-specialised market, Hitachi High-Tech required a series of customer-centric campaigns focusing on the distinct areas their products are applied in. The first campaign was for the Quality Control / Quality Assurance (QA/QC) process in metal production, fabrication and manufacturing.

Historically, a conservative sector when it comes to advertising, the brief was to develop a stand-out campaign that differentiated Hitachi High-Tech within a traditional, science-orientated communications landscape.

The campaign was aimed at raising awareness of Hitachi High-Tech and their toolkit of products for quality assurance and control (QA/QC). Buying-cycles are lengthy in this market and brand-switch is hard to achieve, so ongoing awareness and lead generation were the primary objectives.

Hitachi High-Tech wanted to create a stir among their target audiences and send a signal to competitors that they were active in the market – so the creative solution had to be different and make them stand out.

The solution was an integrated campaign built around the creative concept what the metal would tell you about its quality if it was able to talk. The strapline was ‘Read the metal. Reveal the quality.’

Intriguing sector relevant visuals combined with contextually relevant messaging delivered a complex proposition directly and simply. This creative approach was delivered across a range of digital and print assets resulting in significant social media and digital engagement – with over 1,000 social actions, 10,000 video views, and over 250 new leads generated.

“This QA/QC campaign is the first ever ‘portfolio’ campaign for Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science. Hitachi aren’t known for industrial analysers, so we really needed to catapult our activity to establish a name in the market. Our key objective was to increase brand awareness, and our digital and event activity so far has reached a targeted audience of 350,000 people in both English and Chinese. We’ve had more than 1,000 social actions across LinkedIn and Facebook in English, over 100 prospects we are nurturing who are GDPR compliant and we started receiving leads associated with this campaign starting from the first month. We’re not in an industry known for glossy campaigns because we aren’t a glossy industry. Yet, together with Torpedo, we’ve created a new campaign concept, including deliverables uncommon in the industry, that is standing out and resonating with our audiences.”

Marketing Communications Manager. Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science.

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