Autodesk Research

A UX consultancy led redesign and build, connecting researchers to the wider research community

Autodesk Research

A UX consultancy led redesign and build, connecting researchers to the wider research community

The challenge.

Autodesk Research is a technology and innovation research community which partners with worldwide industry leaders to provide its customers with solutions for design and make challenges. The research arm of Autodesk allows its customers to achieve their goals and unlock their full potential. 

Torpedo has a long-standing relationship with Autodesk, and as a brand ambassador, the Autodesk Research team sought our UX consultancy for this website design and build project. Their objective was for us to create a community hub for the Autodesk Research team, allowing them to connect with fellow researchers to increase engagement and promote their research.


Research? We love it!

We combined our in-depth knowledge of Autodesk’s digital requirements with an end-to-end UX consultancy process across two key phases of the project.

An initial discovery phase consisted of two stakeholder workshops (where we discussed visions, goals, objectives, and definitions of success for Autodesk Research), stakeholder interviews, in-depth competitor research, and surveys including how the existing site could be improved. This allowed us to gain a deep understanding of the project from the outset.

Over a period of six months, we carried out further research and consultancy for the project including persona creation, web scenarios and user journeys, validation workshops, navigation and hierarchy for the new website, and Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

During the project, we maintained continuous communication with the Autodesk Research team at every stage including multiple client calls each week. This ensured that everyone involved in the website development project kept an ongoing momentum to drive it forward and make it a success.

 ADSK Research Website UX consultancy process

Collaborating beyond going live.

The UX/UI, project management, and client services teams at Torpedo launched phase one of the project in November 2022 which was lauded by the Autodesk Research team. Phase two was launched at the end of March 2023 and our work doesn’t stop there. The Torpedo and Autodesk Research partnership will continue beyond phase two. Our consultancy services are required to further optimise the website performance and promote user engagement. We will review analytics, conduct user surveys, and run even more usability testing sessions.

Ultimately, the aim of this online community hub is for those working at Autodesk Research to share their work and to encourage collaboration with other experts in the technology and innovation . It should help build the reputation of the Autodesk Research team and increase awareness of their work. For those who have used the web since its new launch, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive!

You have been such an incredible partner these last few months as we’ve built and prepared for the launch of Phase 1. Thank you for your patience and flexibility and for being 110% committed to our success.