Step into the action – Establishing the stand-out benefits of Epson projectors.


Step into the action – Establishing the stand-out benefits of Epson projectors.


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The challenge.

Having been the world’s number one projector manufacturer since 2001, Epson is well established in the home entertainment market as a leading producer of home cinema projectors. The challenge for Torpedo was to help Epson position their home entertainment projectors as a superior alternative to flat panel displays. In addition to new visuals and campaign messaging we would need to reimagine existing Epson Projector marketing assets – and integrate with Epson’s broader ‘Display Size Matters’ campaign (which extols the benefits of projectors over plasma screens for both business and consumer audiences).

Total immersion.

Launched to coincide with a summer of popular sporting events (which creates a surge in demand for large screen flat panel TVs), we worked with the team at Epson to create the ‘Step Into the Action’ media campaign. This features viewers so immersed in the projected scene, they feel they could literally step into it. Creatively, this approach set Epson apart from competitors who often feature elements from the display coming out of the screen to assimilate into the viewer’s environment.

To create the key campaign visuals, we conducted a total of four photoshoots to achieve the perfect combination of images. This involved researching different locations, shortlisting models and sourcing props to meet the requirements of the brief. The project team worked together to create a whole suite of assets to support Epson’s European projector sales over the summer. These included brochures and point of sale items to create attractive in-store product displays, complemented by print ads and a variety of online advertising banners in different sizes and languages – to capitalise on multiple customer touch points via real-time bidding programmatic advertising.

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Making an impression.

The media campaign ran across five different programmatic media partners, who provided high-impact advertising on Android devices. With many consumers browsing via mobile devices, the campaign achieved a click-through rate of over 15% – well above the industry average – with the campaign also generating over 50 million impressions.

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