Autodesk Tandem.

Make your digital twin vision a reality.

Autodesk Tandem.

Make your digital twin vision a reality.

The challenge.

Tandem is the new digital twin cloud-based platform from Autodesk. A digital twin is a dynamic, up-to-date digital replica of a physical asset that brings together design, construction and operational data to simulate, predict and inform decisions. Aimed at Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) firms and building owners / operators, Tandem helps to make the building handover process completely seamless and enables proactive and predictive maintenance, providing insight into operation, performance and efficiency, but also helps to plan future projects and improve design decisions for better ROI.

The objectives for this campaign were threefold. Firstly, create a distinctive positioning and identity that would set Tandem apart from other digital twin software. Secondly, to build awareness and drive traffic to the campaign website. Thirdly to create an engaging user experience on the website that would generate leads via free account sign-ups.

Bringing the brand to life.

To create a product brand positioning and identity that would resonate with the target audience of building owners / operators and Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) firms, we needed to get under the skin of how they worked and the benefits Tandem would bring to them and their day-to-day jobs.

Inspired by how Tandem enables building owners and operators to digitally interact with design and construction data, we identified flexible control and collaboration as the value points for users that would sit at the heart of the brand narrative.

Digital data cubes.

The key elements of the Tandem story are expressed through enlarged, cubic pixels containing models of building design elements and data. These ‘data cubes’ form the building blocks of the new product brand identity and launch campaign. The data cubes are flexed and interacted with, digitally bringing buildings to life whilst representing collaboration and the different types of data that make up the digital twin according to the needs of the owners and operators.

Most competitors apply a ‘digital ghosting’ effect to their creative making them all feel very similar. Our data cubes provided a unique look and feel that was instantly recognisable and ownable, making Tandem stand out from other digital twin software, whilst aligning to the Autodesk brand.

Using true-to-life examples of buildings and working closely with the Tandem marketing team to specify technical construction terminology, hero identity visuals blending photography and 3D design were created using the data cubes to resonate with professional users.

We applied the new Tandem positioning and identity to create a purpose-built website using in-depth UX research. This was combined with a campaign built around new content including a brand video and an eBook, plus advertising assets such as multiple animated display and YouTube ads, as well as LinkedIn static, motion and video adverts.


The highly successful launch identity combined with the new website and awareness campaign announced Autodesk Tandem’s entrance to the digital twin market, driving engagement and championing future-ready building solutions.

Torpedo’s holistic approach to brand positioning helped Autodesk Tandem, a new digital twin solution, establish its brand identity and achieve industry recognition. They worked in partnership with our marketing team to create a visual identity and a positive customer experience that solidified our position in the digital twin landscape.