Adobe Acrobat

Make Your Move – an awareness campaign to inspire new careers.

Adobe Acrobat

Make Your Move – an awareness campaign to inspire new careers.


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The challenge.

Adobe Acrobat’s ‘Make Your Move’ awareness campaign wasn’t so much about the product, but about inspiration. We wanted to give professionals useful advice to help them achieve their goals – whether that’s starting a business, or efficient hybrid working.

The messaging was slightly different for each campaign. For ‘Make Your Move – Starting a Business’ we wanted to create inspiring content for individuals who aspire to start their own business and become successful entrepreneurs. 

For the ‘Make Your Move – Flexible Working’ campaign, our goal was to show professionals how hybrid working could work for them and all the benefits that come with it. We’d share tips and tricks along with the inspirational and attainable stories of four successful entrepreneurs living the remote working dream. 

The aims for both campaigns were to change the perception of Adobe Acrobat, provide the audience with educational content, and drive product usage. 

If they can do it, so can you.

For both campaigns we needed to source influencers who we believed would appeal to our target audience. Once chosen, we planned and produced video content – filming snapshots into their lives and careers.  

For the ‘Make Your Move – Starting A Business’ campaign, we created a landing page, display, and media assets which introduced entrepreneurs and their inspiring stories. The aim was to give budding businesspeople the right tips, advice, and tools they need to help them succeed. 

On the ‘Make Your Move – Flexible Working’ side of things, we highlighted successful hybrid workers and showed how integral Adobe Acrobat is to their remote working lifestyle. Their stories shared both the personal and human reasons behind their choices, as well as more practical tips and tools they needed to help them succeed. 

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Inspiration accomplished.

For both campaigns, we created landing pages filled with engaging video content and easy-to-navigate stories. After a broader introduction to the topic, each page then gave the user opportunities to learn more about individual case studies. Scrolling further down, each page then introduced the benefits of Acrobat and how it can help them achieve their goals – be it hybrid working or starting a business. 
Each landing page received over 150,000 visits and our videos amounted over 80 million views. The campaigns inspired people to download almost 2,500 PDF toolkits, and hopefully some of those new users will go on to follow in the footsteps of our featured influencers.

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