Engaging landing page with tailored 3D model that keeps BIM Manufacturing customers scrolling.


Engaging landing page with tailored 3D model that keeps BIM Manufacturing customers scrolling.


5 mins
average on site engagement time
of visitors scrolled all the way to the bottom

The challenge.

To drive increased usage of Autodesk Revit software by existing customers in the Manufacturing sector, our aim is to showcase how they can leverage BIM manufacturing tools available to them, enabling them to create even greater value for their customers. These companies already use Autodesk tools to create 3D product models – the goal was to get them to convert those models into universal BIM objects to make them more accessible, usable and ‘real’ to their customers.

The target outcome was for users to contact their Autodesk Named Account team to schedule a one-to-one meeting, to learn more and engage with Autodesk at a strategic level. Autodesk would then be able to bring in their subject matter experts to explain the benefits of BIM in more detail, with the ultimate goal of encouraging the Named Accounts to start using the Autodesk BIM solutions available to them.

A personalised journey.

We created and promoted a highly interactive, visually engaging solution – a landing page with an innovative scrolling experience that would take users through the product design lifecycle and prompt them to contact their Autodesk account team.

BIM-ready product models are information-rich, digital representations of products or components that can be used directly by architects and building designers, so we decided the most impactful way to deliver this as a story was to create our own 3D model to represent the target account’s own products. This 3D model would be at the centre of the whole experience: a targeted landing page.

As this was a project with multiple target accounts, we took the idea one step further and created a series of models and landing pages to represent the different products made by the target accounts. In this way, we would create a tailored experience for each manufacturing business.

In each case, the model moved through the various sections of the landing page into different environments and views representing the journey that users ‘shopping’ for BIM models would go through. The smooth transition between each stage of the narrative helped make the process of creating a BIM model seem as simple as possible. Underpinning the visual narrative was personalised copy outlining the benefits of adopting this workflow, providing qualitative and quantitative validation via statistics and customer endorsements.

This campaign page was then pushed out to specific individuals within the targeted accounts via Email, LinkedIn InMail and promoted LinkedIn posts, leveraging creative from the page itself to keep the user journey – from traffic driver to landing page – consistent and easy to understand.

We created super-tailored versions of the page for high-priority key accounts, which included a named Autodesk Account Manager they were encouraged to contact to arrange their one-to-one meeting.

Tailored 3D models hit the target.

This project received universal praise from the client and associated stakeholders, and the results have been impressive.

The average engagement time is 5 minutes 43 seconds on the site, resulting in a number of new opportunities. It was particularly impressive that due to the creatively engaging and innovative scroll experience over 75% of visitors scrolled all the way to the bottom – this is practically unheard-of for a page of this length.

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