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UK travellers are remarkably apathetic about catching something unpleasant on a trip to somewhere exotic. It’s an issue many initiatives have attempted to change. Trouble is, even if travellers do understand the importance of seeking pre-travel health advice and support, they often face limited assistance from existing services, or have issues finding a local travel health specialist in the first place.

To fill these gaps, Valneva’s aim was to reinforce the need to seek advice well before travelling, and to provide access to comprehensive services.

With travel health awareness low, social micro-influencers would be targeted as a cost-efficient and effective means of spreading the word and creating engagement around the need to seek support. Meanwhile, we put together a Beware of the Bugs (BOTB) campaign to engage and motivate the audience. Valneva’s travel health service partnership programme would serve as the platform for increasing service provision across the UK.

With these things in place, using socially and search-generated data, both engaged and naive travellers were identified and targeted at key points in the travel decision-making process, to encourage them to seek advice and support. And do it with enough time to spare before travelling.

By choosing character-based representations of the diseases travellers might be prone to, we kept the creative simple yet effective. This simplicity complemented the focused, tailored adverts and social content with relevance to the destinations potential travellers were interested in. Effectively, the campaign built on travellers’ motivation to seek further information by providing triggers of relevance and meaning for their specific journeys.

As a result of the micro-influencer campaign, over 1.5m people were reached with over 70,000 engagements over a 6 month period. The social advertising campaign was seen by over 20m, driving a conversion rate of 88%.

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