Shaping the future with Heat-Free Technology.


Shaping the future with Heat-Free Technology.

The challenge.

A large proportion of Epson’s print range is made up of inkjet devices. Traditionally, laser printers use heat to bind the ink to the page; the presence of heat in this process involves a lot of energy, maintenance time, replacement parts and, ultimately, costs. Epson inkjet printers use Heat-Free Technology and so avoid some of the pitfalls associated with laser printing.

Epson is constantly innovating for the benefit of their customers, so approached Torpedo with the exciting challenge of helping to educate their audience about the benefits of Epson business inkjet printers over the drawbacks associated with other types of printer. The result: the Heat-Free Technology campaign.

A creative core.

The core creative uses overtly ‘cool’ visual references applied to an existing brand device. The PrecisionCore diamond signifies that an Epson printer uses the company’s own high-speed print chips in the mechanism inside.

We constructed a full 3D model of the diamond, complete with extra icicles for a truly frosty feel, and rendered it with an icy texture to highlight the heat-free technology inside an Epson inkjet printer.

Keeping it ‘cool’.

The ‘cool’ imagery was used across hero visuals, messaging, a campaign playbook and logos, with a suite of campaign assets produced that included a brochure, event stands, webpage, animation and an infographic. Traffic drivers included online html5 display adverts, social media content and print trade adverts. The campaign was rolled out across the entire EMEA region and the assets also used by other Epson regional centres around the world for their own marketing activity.

The Heat-Free Technology campaign utilised the full mix of in-house expertise within Torpedo. Our specialists worked on everything from memorable headline creative to digital design and development. And from complex 3D animation to internal sales materials.

The results.

The global take-up of the campaign assets and success of delivery across various regional markets, is a testament to the appetite of channel and end-user customers to address this issue and be free from the costs, wastage and maintenance associated with thermal inkjet and laser printing. We are waiting on full metrics but initial indications are the campaign is performing strongly with good engagement.

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